Features of HGC efax Service - Outgoing Fax

HGC efax Service - Outgoing Fax is the latest eFax services. You can fax any documents from your PC desktops by simply clicking the print button. Send faxes anytime and anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Using HGC efax Service - Outgoing Fax

1.Cost Saving: There is no need to buy a fax machine, fax papers, toner and etc. More, there is no need to install a faxline additionally. It allows you to send a fax from anywhere with Internet connection, this can save you the IDD charges when you send a fax from abroad.
2.Send Fax Anywhere: Simply get onto the Internet, you can then send your fax anytime and anywhere all over the world.
3.Increase Efficiency: Fax to single or multiple recipients within one submission.
4.Central Address Book: Enter or retrieve fax numbers from the central address book.
5.Auto Retry and Resume: Auto retry upon fax failure (e.g. no carrier, number busy etc.).
6.Schedule Fax Delivery: Schedule fax delivery up to 24 hours.
7.Generate fax record and usage report: User can retrieve fax status/history and get usage report on daily or monthly basis.

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