HGC efax Service - Incoming Fax User Manual

1. If you want to retrieve your incoming fax, change your preferences, setting and password, you can select "Incoming Fax" at the Login Area and click "Go".

2. Enter your Login name and Password at the pop-up menu.

3. You can view forward and save all your incoming faxes at the "Incoming Fax" Page.

4. You can establish different folders at the "Folders" page to well organize your incoming fax.

5. You can forward fax messages to a maximum of 3 e-mail accounts by adding or removing at the "Add Forward" page. By selecting "Keep Copy" during fax forward, the original received fax will remain intact in the Fax Folder. If you select "Delete Copy" our system will delete the original copy from the Fax Folder automatically. All received faxes will be kept for 14 days from received date, please save in your harddisk if necessary.

6. You can change your fax display preferences at "Fax Display" page.

7. You can change your password at the "change password" page, you are advised to change your password frequently.

8. You can switch to choose the received fax format (Adobe Portable Document Format PDF) or (Fax File Format TIFF) at the "Fax Format" page. For details, please refer to "Help Desk".

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Terms and Conditions for the use of HGC efax

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